Real Estate


Real Estate

Our Real Estate Practice offers a broad spectrum of advice and representation to all participants in this sector, including financing institutions, construction companies, property developers and private individuals, and counts many of the leading Greek and international hotel and leisure companies among our clients. We aim to provide a comprehensive service which covers all issues which arise in this area, from regulatory and legislative compliance and the sale and purchase of commercial, industrial, retail and private property, to financing and development arrangements.

We have an expertise in advising on the complex regulatory and legislative requirements which must be complied with in order to enter into transactions in the real estate sector. We are in an ideal position to assist our clients in obtaining permits and clearances in relation to zoning, environmental, forestry and archaeology, all essential prerequisites to the exploitation of most property in Greece. We advise on the various structures which can be used for the ownership of real estate and on the tax aspects of asset ownership and transactions in this sector. We are specialised in representing clients in all types of transactions, from straightforward sale, purchase, lease and construction agreements, to complex developments in the tourist, hospitality, residential and retail industries.

We act on behalf of our clients in contract disputes arising in this sector, as well as before the administrative courts and regulatory authorities in relation to compliance cases